Our Story

Our Farm

Mamaku Mist is an organic market garden at the foothills of the Kaimais in Katikati, Bay of Plenty. The farm was named after the mists that swirl through the Mamaku forest bordering the farm after heavy rains. 

As growers, we are part of a movement interested in farming in a regenerative way so that soils are restored, ecosystems are brought back into balance and healthy food is produced.

"Today’s fruit and vegetables produce on average 38% less nutritional value compared to 1950s”.

You can share our journey by following our blog, ordering a veggie box, visiting us at a local market or working with us on the farm. In the future, we plan to have open farm days and host regular workshops for those interested in a site visit.

Our journey so far

Our first year has been interesting with many lessons learnt as we have gradually left our urban Auckland life and started a new one in Katikati. This year has been focused on developing the market garden to supply vegetables, herbs and flowers to the local community and Auckland.  

Our goal is to grow the best, most nutritious, healthy vegetables to support our community, and the farm ecology.

We believe that we owe it to future generations to do our best to make a positive difference and to leave our place in a better state than we received it.

Our Approach

Following the research of Dr Elaine Ingham, an American soil scientist, a key focus of ours is to work with the soil to grow the diversity of the microbial populations which provide the conditions for optimal plant health and quality.

Our strategies include to:

Who we are

Lindsey is passionate about growing healthy, food that is both healing for people and the environment where it is grown. She believes in sharing her experiences and contributing to a new way of food production where small local, sustainable farms replace large scale, damaging industrial agriculture. 

Philip is all about flowers especially proteas which he grew in his birthplace, South Africa. An interesting feature of the forests surrounding the farm are Rewarewa trees which are one of two NZ natives from the Proteacea family. 

Together with their family they look forward to supporting the wider community in the Bay of Plenty and Auckland friends.